The Mint Julep

Subtitle: Things we will never drink again.

This weekend my husband and I went to an afternoon Kentucky Derby party at a neighbor's house. The party started at three, and would probably go until late that night. We had evening plans, so we looked forward to watching the races, maybe having a drink or two, and heading out. No big deal, right? We were so naive.

Instead, my husband, who had done a training run that morning and failed to hydrate properly, had a couple of drinks and some nibbles (it's all sounding okay so far, although the drinks seemed to be hitting him harder than normal), and then took a mint julep from whoever was playing bartender at the time (this was the mistake of the day). About 30 minutes later, he was so completely sick that he couldn't get home without a horror movie mess.

I'm a southern gal and I appreciate the southern beverage, but I have found that I've had a bit of tummy trouble myself whenever I've imbibed. I've kept my mint juleps small and only once in a blue moon. Mixing this little charmer with other drinks is the ultimate belly sin. 

We later spent the rest of the evening making him better. He never gets sick from anything so it was a dramatic scene. There were moans (his), tears (mine, and possibly his), and lots of laundry.

Lesson learned. Lots of water, and no more mint juleps. Ever. Even if I'm donning a fabulous hat at the Derby itself.