The Happy Hypochondriac


How does a person stay upbeat in life when she constantly fears death or other health catastrophes?  This humorous, absurd, yet relatable story offers a glimpse into the antics of a hypochondriac; from the rapturous to the downright ugly. She endures dance recitals gone wrong, first love amid the glow of mini golf, living the college dream with waffle batter in her hair, the gut-wrenching loss of her parents, forging lasting love while clinging to a mountain, and starting her own family with a rash so bad she was declared a medical marvel; but shows it’s possible to function, succeed and even have fun despite the craziness. 


The Happy Hypochondriac Survives World Travel

How does a hypochondriac experience the wonders of the world when constantly fearing death, germs and exotic diseases? These humorous and absurd travel stories take the reader on a wild global ride through deserts, rainforests, nude spas, international marathons, dirty waterparks, essential film locations, and a dreadful “momcation,” while exploring important tactics about flying, pirates, and keeping a stubborn traveler’s stomach in line. Uplifting and relatable, these tales of all different types of travel will have you laughing while you eagerly pack your bags for your next trip.


Now Available: The first in the Musings series from the blog

Do you worry about that mole, or have concerns over a recurring headache? If you've ever had heartburn and thought it was the "Big One," the Happy Hypochondriac has been there! 

So how does a person stay upbeat during life’s ludicrous moments when she constantly fears death and poor health? These funny, ridiculous, everyday anecdotes offer a glimpse into the antics of a hypochondriac. Your life will start to seem a whole lot more normal! With a little bit of wisdom from the popular Happy Hypochondriac blog, and a sense of humor, this collection of snippets from daily life shows it’s possible to enjoy living despite the worries.

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