Read The Happy Hypochondriac with your book club!

Here are some Book Club questions to help with the discussion:

1) Do you ever worry about your health? If so, what do you worry about the most?

2) How do you handle your worries and stress; health or otherwise? (yoga, exercise, eating, etc.)

3) Have you ever had an experience ruined by a health concern; for you or a loved one?

4) How easy is it to make fun of yourself?

5) Do you have trouble realizing when you are irrational about your worries? Discuss.

6) How do you deal with other people who seem to have a lot of worries or stress?

7) How do/can you use humor to cope with situations?

8) What are you most anxious about in life?

9) How do your concerns affect your relationships with other people?

10) Here's the big philosophical question...How do you define happiness?

I would love to hear your responses to these questions and the book! Leave your comments on the blog. Happy reading!