The Missing Plane

Okay, I know I'm not the only one completely freaked out about this missing Malaysian Air plane. How does a plane simply go missing completely for over 12 days, with no end in sight? There were no indications that the pilots had wonky motives leading up to this. There were no distress signals. No meanie groups are taking the credit. And there is no physical evidence of it anywhere. It's like it never existed at all. Except, of course, it did exist, and the families of the passengers are left with so many unanswered questions. 

My husband and I are certain it has landed where the plane in "Lost" landed. Smoke monsters and all. Of all the theories floating out there, it actually has about as much evidence and credibility to back it up as the others. 

I have to get on a plane this week. Granted, it's not in that part of the world, but still. I'm already antsy times ten on flights as it is. Couple this news with a good Liam Neeson movie and I need to medicate. Surely whoever did this to the plane (whatever "this" actually is), cannot outsmart the entire world! Can they?